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Frequently Asked Questions

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Fortular has been set up to offer property management services in Gozo. Primarily, these services include the following:

Condominium Services – These consist of condominium administration, the management of common areas, garage administration and complementary services for private owners and occupants.

Property Management – We manage your property whether you choose to leave it unoccupied, or rent it out for short or long lets. We even manage commercial property such as offices and shopping complexes.

Insurance – As licensed Intermediaries, we will provide you with adequate insurance cover for your property, whether this is your home, commercial property, boat or vehicle.

Relocation Services – Our wide range of relocation services help take the burden out of your hands and ensure a smooth transition to Gozo.

Other Management services offered include Facility Management Services, Project Management and Real Estate Brokerage Services.
Managing a co-op, condominium, or commercial building is a full-time job and effectively and knowledgeably managing a cooperative corporation or condominium association and caring for common space requires a lot of time and expertise. Hiring a property manager helps ease the burden of a board’s or owner’s workload. A condominium management company or co-op building management company also can help you avoid costly legal liability. Staying on top of changes in the law and following accepted accounting procedures is the job of a professional property management company.
As you see, we offer various different services. The cost depends on the particular service. We will tailor-make a package according to your particular needs and negotiate a fee structure acceptable to both parties.
You will be given an emergency number where you can contact us 24/7. With our knowledge of your building and equipment we will recommend and execute appropriate action according to the emergency.
For the purpose of the law, a condominium refers to a building which is composed of separate units which are individually owned and the common parts which are used or enjoyed in common by the owners of the separate units.
An administrator is a legal requirement whenever there are four or more condominii. The main functions of an administrator is to ensure observance to the administration rules regulating the condominium and to apportion the expenses necessary for maintenance and preservation of the common parts between the condominii. An administrator is elected through the general meeting of the condominii for a term of two years.
The administration of the common parts can only be carried out if there are sufficient funds in the condominium accounts. Contributions must be paid by the owners as decided during a meeting of the condominii. It is the Administrator’s role to ensure that all the owners pay their respective part, in order for the necessary works, maintenance and services to be carried out. If an owner fails to pay his share, it is the Administrator’s duty to seek legal redress and enforce the payment.
There are two main forms of Management:

If you own a property in Gozo but do not live here you would have a complete peace of mind if you entrust your property with us. We will ensure your property is well looked after, attend to its maintenance needs as regards gardening and the pool, service all equipment and prepare it for your visits. Furthermore, we take care of all your bills and generally be your representative on the island.

If you own a property you would like to let out either on short or long lets, then we can act as a representative on the island, will coordinate the cleaning, laundry and other services, meet and greet your guests and provide maintenance services if and when required.

Likewise, we will care for your car or your boat while you are away. We are also able to provide management services to offices and other commercial spaces.
Fortular offers the most flexible management solution in the industry, but there are a few things we’re sticklers about:

Your rental must meet Fortular’s 4 Core Property Standards, which are that every guest should arrive to a property that is Safe, Clean, Guest Ready and As Advertised.

 You must have your property registered at the Land Registry and (if applicable) MTA licensed to operate your property as a short-term rental.  
Your Fortular calendar must be kept up to date at all times to avoid the potential for double bookings.

 We are currently unable to accommodate timeshares or properties located outside of Gozo.
As a homeowner, you want to create the best possible experience for your guests. Better guest experiences mean better reviews, and better reviews mean more bookings. Thankfully, what travelers are looking for in every property are a set of relatively simple standards that apply to any size or type of property. Every Fortular property should be:
Providing guests with a safe and secure home should be your top priority. Make sure your smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and emergency lights are working correctly, and that all doors and windows have functional locks.
The number one cause of guest complaints is typically cleanliness. The best way to keep your vacation rental spotless is by having us perform regular post-stay cleans, pre-stay walkthroughs and semi-annual deep cleans.
Since first impressions are important, before handing us the keys, do a walkthrough to confirm that your guests can access the property easily, that all lights, appliances and electronics are working properly, and that each room is staged invitingly.
Guests expect to arrive at a vacation rental that looks like the online advertisement. Avoid surprises for your guests by making sure your listing photos and property description always match the current decor and amenities that your property offers.

We’ve developed these 4 Core Property Standards to help you make sure your property performs at its best with each guest stay. None of these standards are difficult to achieve in themselves, but consistency is key, and your on-the-ground partners are your best resource for ensuring each and every one of your guests enjoys a property that is safe, clean, guest-ready, and as advertised.