Choose the insurance policy that is right for you and your family

As Tied Intermediaries with Atlas Insurance, we offer a complete insurance portfolio ensuring an all-round protection. Based on your needs we will find the best solution tailored for you.

Home/Property Insurance

Atlas Home Insurance is designed to protect owners and the entire family, the home and damage cause to others too. This policy aims to keep the family secure and stable when things go wrong.


It pays for losses caused by theft, vandalism and natural disasters and will cover the policyholder for damages or injury that may be caused to others. This policy can be used for rental properties.

Business Insurance

We understand that business owners work hard every day, striving to be successful, taking risks to better serve their customers and employ more people.

Through Atlas, we can help build and protect the business by providing customised insurance solutions to support both the investor and the business. One can rely on Atlas’ financial strength and stability to be there when needed most.

We offer insurance solutions for a range of businesses including:

  • Retailers, wholesalers and distributors
  • Professional offices
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hair and Beauty Salons
  • Pharmacies
Car Insurance

Atlas’ car insurance policy protects the driver, the passengers and the vehicle. It offers financial and legal protection for damages one may cause to other people together with financial protection for damage to the vehicle. It also covers storm damage, windscreen cracking, loss of keys, legal assistance, theft of personal belongings and child car seats.

Atlas Insurance offers three levels of cover for private car insurance, helping owners to get the right car insurance depending on their needs and budget. One can choose from Third Party Fire & Theft, Third Party only, or get maximum protection and peace of mind with Comprehensive Car Insurance.

One can also insure motorcycles, commercial vehicles or classic cars.

Boat Insurance

With this policy the boat is protected whether in the sea or on land. It pays for damages following impact, bad weather, lightning, theft, fire and explosions and protects the policyholder if responsible for damages to others. Charter boats can be covered under this policy. The policy also pays for salvage, sighting costs, inspection and pollution prevention costs.

Travel Insurance

Protection from the moment one books trip and purchase travel insurance until return to Malta. Protects policyholder if liable to any injuries or damages to others. The policy provides cover for cancelled holidays, loss of passports, luggage and money. There are different levels of cover available to suit various needs.

Health & Dental Insurance

Atlas has three different policies as follows:

  • Health Insurance for Maltese Residents: Affordable health insurance plans for individuals and corporate plans for employees working locally.
  • Corporate Dental Insurance: A range of corporate dental insurance plans for employees, designed to meet different needs.
  • Health Insurance for Expatriates: These plans designed mainly for people who are not resident in Malta for at least eight months of the year.
Pet Insurance

Atlas Pet Insurance provides the security of being able to get the best treatment for pets. This policy give a wide variety of covers and a choice of essential and premier plans. It provides peace of mind in the emotional time when the pet is sick or has had an accident. The policy provides for holiday cancellation if the insured pet develops a life-threatening medical condition.

Life Insurance

Whether you are looking for a lifelong protection plan or term insurance, life insurance policies can help you provide for the ones you love. Although not provided by Atlas, we can provide you with a reliable Life Insurance policy which guarantees of a sum of money, known as the ‘sum assured’, in the event of death of the insured.

For more information about your insurance needs please contact us