We want you to get the best possible return out of your investments. This might not always be possible if you live away from the island or are very rarely in Gozo especially if you want to buy or sell property. You might not have the time to scout around to the various real estate agents.

We are born and bred here in Gozo and with our excellent relations with the local real estate industry, we can feel the pulse of the property market and are best placed to act as your broker with these agencies to ensure you will get the best possible return.

Real Estate Brokerage
If you are willing to buy property in Gozo, we can carry out any of the following:
  • Get you in touch with the appropriate Estate Agents according to your requirements
  • Ask them to send you a portfolio of their properties
  • We will do a preliminary viewing of the properties you choose and report back to you
  • Negotiate the best deal on your behalf and make arrangements for you to view the shortlisted ones
  • We can take your Power of Attorney
  • Assist in the transfer of funds
  • Inspect property prior to signing of the final contract
  • Ensure that all services in the property are in order
If you are willing to sell your property in Gozo, we can carry out any of the following:
  • Have the property evaluated to get the maximum market price
  • Engage appropriate leading Estate Agents in Gozo
  • Assist in the viewing with clients for prospective buyers
  • Negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf
  • Take up Power of Attorney
  • Assist in the repatriation of funds to your bank account
  • Handle official documentation required by Maltese legislation
  • Settle pending bills for services in property

Please note that Fortular is not an Estate Agent. We do not have any ties with any specific Estate Agency in Gozo or Malta and act only as a broker.