Meeting your condominium association's needs, quickly and competently

Although having a Condominium Administrator in blocks of more than four condominii is a legal requirement, having the right administration company provides you with a sense of well-being and a safe and clean living environment in all areas of your condominium.

At Fortular we specialise in Condominium Management. We appreciate the fact that owners have invested heavily in their property so the upkeep of the common areas is of extreme importance not just to enhance the value of their investment but also to ensure a healthy and comfortable living.

We offer the following range of services, as well as tailor-made packages to suit specific needs.

  • Drafting of Owners Associations and condominium rules
  • Registration of Owners Associations and Condominium Rules with Land Registrar
  • Preparation and Organisation of Owners Meetings
  • Preparation of Agenda for meetings, notification of agenda, chairing of meetings, preparation and circulation of minutes, registration of any decisions taken by the owners
  • Executing the decisions taken by the owners in the general meeting
  • Formation and upkeep of condominium registers
  • Implementing services and facilities including but not limited to cleaning of common parts, lift servicing and maintenance, condominium insurance, communal electricity and water bills administration and general maintenance of the common parts such as painting, electric works, modifications
  • Supervision of works
  • Preparation of Annual Budgets
  • Enforcement of Condominium Rules
  • Enforcement and execution of all decisions taken during owners meetings
  • Collection of maintenance and administration contributions due by the owners
  • Compliance with Condominium Act
  • Rendering of administration accounts
  • Management of the condominium fund
  • Invoicing and collection of fees due for works and maintenance in the common parts
  • Carry out all acts that are necessary and conducive for the preservation of the common parts within the condominium
  • Legal representation in accordance to the Condominium Act
  • Offer a 24/7 help desk that will assure prompt assistance in any emergency

Whether you are a property owner or a board member, we are your primary resource for information and support. We guarantee that immediate action will be taken on any faults or problems reported by owners and tenants. We will focus on the needs of our customers, listen, communicate and act.

Fortular – living up to our commitment of ‘Bringing a Sense of Community in Condominium Living!’