Property Developers

We can work with you from the very start of your development even at pre-plan stages, providing the logistics and assisting in the planning process to ensure that the property meets all the required standards as regards to the environment, waste management, security and comfort.

It will be much easier to sell the property if your future clients are aware that property management services are already set up, standards in the development are kept to a high standard and maintained throughout and that the development will be well looked after it is finished. We will also be able to assist your clients on an individual basis on their relocation and eventual management of their property should they would need us to do so.

Estate Agents

We are not estate agents ourselves but work in tandem with most local estate agents to provide our clients with a the best possible brokerage services.

Through Fortular, estate agents can provide solid and reliable Property Management and Condominium Administration Services to their clients without the need to set up this facility service in-house.

Central Government & Local Councils

Public areas like playing field, parks and recreational facilities often require specialised services. These may include the actual management of the area and surrounding car parks, access control, security systems and services, guard services, preventive and routine maintenance, cleaning and waste management and general administration.

Entrusting Fortular with the management of these areas ensures that works are completed within the agreed time frames, standards are maintained and costs contained within their budgeted amounts.

Property Renters

No matter what kind of property you own, we can help you maximise the value of your investment in Gozo. Fortular will be with you all the way, promoting and renting your property, taking care of every aspect of the operation and providing a 24 hour service to your guests.

Please visit Property Handling and Property Letting sections in Property Management to find out what we can do for you.

Banks and Large Companies

The importance of having an organised, clean, safe well-kept environment for both your workers and customers cannot be over-estimated.

Fortular offers a vast range of Office Management Services allowing you more time to concentrate on what you do best whilst ensuring that standards, efficiency and cost effectiveness and maintained at all times.

Property Management Providers in Malta

We are based and operate solely on the island of Gozo.

Fortular’s services are available to our counterparts on the mainland should they have clients with properties in Gozo.

For more information about our B2B offering please download our Service Catalogue or contact us here.