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November 28, 2022

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Condominium Services

We have your best interests at heart

Fortular’s range of condominium services delivered by a young, hardworking and reliable team help create the living experience you truly desire.

We take great delight in surprising people with our personal communication style. We are a friendly, hands-on team who pride ourselves on listening and finding solutions that work best for all parties. We are fully aware that what we do matters to you, your neighbours and to your financial future.

We enjoy the satisfaction that comes from positively impacting our clients, the associations we work with and the communities we help grow. We will provide a sustainable growth plan for every property. That means that when you work with us, you can feel completely confident in the investment you have made in your condominium community.

Our real purpose is to take care of the homes of the people who live there. We work endlessly to ensure that when it comes to choosing the company to manage your condominium, Fortular becomes the obvious choice.

Condominium Administration
Garage Administration
Complementary Services
Management of Common Areas