Ensure your home is safe and secure whether you are away for holiday or work

If you are away for a period of time, let Fortular look after your home. Our activity helps make the home look lived in as we can adjust curtains and lights as required and put your bins out on the day of collection. We can even get your home all ready for your return with a spring clean and fully stocked fridge, even booking or reconfirming your return transfer from the airport if necessary.

You don’t want to spend your time worrying over a potential emergency at your home such as a burst water pipe whilst you are thousand of miles away.

Short Term Management

You can be reassured that your house is being professionally managed and any problems that arise will be dealt with quick efficiency.

We can design a bespoke range of services to match your needs. We can visit your home daily, watering the plants, picking up the post, taking care of pets or once weekly ensuring your house is secure thus giving you complete peace of mind.

So, next time you leave Gozo, be sure your home remains the way you left it.

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