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September 29, 2023

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About Us

Nick Scicluna

Founder and Team Leader
Nick is a well-presented, diplomatic and friendly individual who is able to combine a polite manner with razor-sharp efficiency. Possessing strong commitment to team environment dynamics and the ability to communicate on all levels, he oversees all day to day processes and guides the long term vision. He is always seeking new and innovative ways to improve the ownership experience for property owners, continuing his commitment to provide professional, accountable, and reliable services.
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Over the years, Gozo has evolved into a sophisticated destination, popular with holidaying celebrities and an investment opportunity for the rich and famous, who are buying property here. Furthermore, the increased influx of tourists have created letting opportunities for local, Maltese and foreign property owners.

This activity necessitated the need for a professional fully-fledged property management company. Although Fortular was set up in 2017, it forms part of the Links Travel Group, a solid company which has been in the travel and hospitality industry for over 30 years.

Fortular’s young and energetic Gozitan team, born and bred on the island have the competence, knowledge and the right contacts to provide a reliable, efficient and professional service. With our full range of property management services, various packages which can be tailor-made to suit individual requirements and reasonable prices, we aim to exceed the expectations of every client.

Our Mission

Fortular is proud to provide exceptional property management services to owners and residents of rental, condominium and
commercial real estate in Gozo.


We make decisions with the knowledge that what we do affects the lives of the hundreds of people who choose to live, work and play in the properties we manage.

We strive to be a leader in our industry, an employer of choice and a good corporate citizen while building a national, enduring and profitable company.

We believe success is achieved through mutually beneficial, trust based relationships with our employees, our clients and our suppliers while applying innovative thinking to the evolving real estate profession.

Our Values

Our six core values define us as a company. They form a coherent set of principles that are relevant across our business and underpin everything we do.
They are Integrity, Originality, Quality, Transparency, Commitment  and Sustainability.



Backed by our parent company the Links Travel Group which upholds a reputation for ethical behaviour built up over 30 years, our corporate culture demands uncompromising and consistent adherence to a well understood set of principles and standards that govern how we behave internally and when dealing with external partners. We treat everyone equally and with respect and we are trusted to honour our commitments and deliver on our promises.



Quality is caring about details, recognising the importance of design and superior professionalism in management. We set the highest targets and always aim to exceed expectations. We tailor our solutions to the unique characteristics of the property and aim to create an inspiring, uplifting experience for each and every tenant, visitor, resident and guest. Best-in-class serves only as the baseline from which to improve.



Our philosophy and core values capture our commitment not only to ethical, professional and responsible conduct but to the essence of real estate success, an entrepreneurial value-embracing approach. We are intensely focused on serving our clients and helping them achieve their peace of mind and business objectives. Our time horizon is longer than most and intend to build long-term meaningful relationships.



Our way of working is built on a tradition of doing things differently. Open to new ideas, curious to find unique perspectives resulting in innovative, inspiring solutions, our approach is to be persistent, have uncompromising attention to detail, yet maintain flexibility. At Fortular, we embrace change as an essential element of success and market leadership. We reward creativity, we have the courage to challenge convention and we always respect differences of opinion.



Building trust and developing honest relationships with our customers is our priority and we believe these are achieved through complete transparency of our property management operations. We use approved, independent local contractors and specialist tradesmen, selected on value for money and quality of service, providing our customers with total piece of mind that their best interests are being delivered at best value.



In support of these values, we also go over and beyond in promoting green and environmentally sustainable practices. We have an active Green Team and are always looking for ways to reduce or improve on our environmental footprint. We believe that our core values are a key part of our success, not just as a business, but in terms of the impact our work has on our clients and on our local community.