Larger condominiums normally have a number of lock-up garages. Although some of these garages would invariable be owned by condominium owners, there would be others that are hired or owned by third parties. This necessitates a separate Association than the residential condominium association.

You will be surprised how many problems arise it this situation some related to access, lighting, safety and security yet others are caused due to arguments, misunderstandings and problems with collecting dues.

At Fortular we administer the common areas of the garages, address these problems and ensure a peaceful and smooth running of the place at a very reasonable cost. We will set up a meeting with all garage owners and users so that any common problems are highlighted and addressed. We will prepare a maintenance schedule and supervise its implementation.

Some of our services include:

  • Drafting of the Garage Association and rules if this is not already in place
  • Registration this Association with Land Registrar
  • Transfer utilities accounts
  • Set up an initial meeting to get a clear picture of the operation and any associated problems and concerns, decide on costs contributions to ensure enough money is collected to cover expenses
  • Preparation and Organisation of Owners Meetings
  • Preparation of Agenda for meetings, notification of agenda, chairing of meetings, preparation and circulation of minutes, registration of any decisions taken by the owners
  • Executing the decisions taken by the owners in the general meeting
  • Fix a notice board in the garage area and fix notices with the relative dates
  • Offer the best deal for an adequate insurance to protect the garages from fire and possible damages protecting the common parts
  • Keep a record of all statements and receipts in order to present at the meeting if requested
  • Analysing all suggestions for improvements and ensure that owners concerns raised up during meetings or through other communication are all addressed and solutions found efficiently and effectively
  • Ensures the provision of garage cleaning facilities
  • Ensures any elevators in the Garage Complex are duly certified, registered and maintained
  • Takes care of the maintenance of electricity and plumbing systems, and any other equipment
  • Supervise works being done and have regular visits to ensure that all is running smoothly and in adequate time frames
  • Ensure that all owners are abiding by the rules and regulations and tackle any complaints or concerns with care and professionalism
  • Address any issues and concerns by the garage owners to lawyers or insurances as deemed necessary
  • Represent the garage owners in any court sitting as required by law
  • Provide a 24/7 emergency help desk

Feel free to contact us with your requirements.  We will conduct a site visit and send you our quote, completely free of charge. We are confident that our professionalism, reliability and value for money with ensure that Fortular is and will remain the obvious choice.